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    Pants and Sleeves takes pride and pleasure in working with customers to develop their products and creative expressions. We look forward to working with you. 

    Process: Pants and Sleeves, LLC is a design and printing company. As a result, Pants and Sleeves is responsible for print goods only. We work based on the submission, interest, and confirmation of the customer. All orders are confirmed before printing.

    Pants and Sleeves, LLC is allowed a 5% spoilage/scrap rate on order. We don't anticipate spoilage but its a factor of the print industry.

    Payment: Pants and Sleeves LLC is authorized to charge my card for the order total plus shipping and handling charges listed in a purchase order sent with proof with attached invoice. All orders must be paid after proof and before going to production.

    Production: Due to the nature of the printing business once our printing process begins its final. A proof of the work being printed is sent to a customer 24-48 hours after project detail is confirmed. All orders are developed according to submitted information.

    Goods: Please inspect the proof received for your wanted colors, size dimensions, placements, quantities, and additional details as well as your physical merchandise when received before wearing, retailing, or distributing. All claims for shortages, damages, defects, spoilage (above 5%) etc. must be made within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise. However, the nature of this business lends itself to mistakes, so all of the above details increase our success.

    Quote: A quote is submitted. Pants and Sleeves will respond back with details that require a confirmation by the customer. With customer confirmation, a design proof will be provided. With the approval of the proof, payment is submitted and production is then initiated. Signing this submission indicates you agree to these risks and commit to paying for the proof and order submitted.

    Time: Within your order submitted communicate the time you need the items in hand. In hand is the expected date that you have the items in your hand. Please take into account that shipping can be challenging and oftentimes has delayed do to third party shippers, so having items in hand 2-3 days before your need is always a best policy. Pants and Sleeves will confirm the date requested and notify the client of additional options and fees for expedited shipping.

    Uncontrollable Events: In the event that we are unable to fulfill your order due to a natural disaster, terrorist attack or any other circumstance beyond our control there are no cash refunds only credit to your account.